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I work with individuals, companies, corporates, organizations and startups… It doesn’t make any difference how big or small you are; if you have a vision and a goal, I can help you.

The keys to a successful digital transformation.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to deciding the root to your digital transformation, however it’s wrong to address it without a well defined vision and deep understanding of your business positioning.
That is why My approach always takes into consideration a trio of keystones.


It is vital to any business or product to have a clear communicated position that dictates the unique or sometime the virtually unique proposition it stands amongst others to benefit the end customer.


Any group of people working on delivering a service to end customers need to have a clear and well defined governing system and process that allows the effective delivery of the service and sustain innovation and continued development.

Tech. Innovation

Technology is the language of this age and the future… It allows effective reach to end customers and initiates a dialogue that is vital to the continued product and service design and development, so it is important to invest in innovations and create innovative advocacy at every component of your business to keep this dialog open.

All my services cover these 3 keystones

No matter what level of service you will receive from me… we will touch base with these 3 components to successfully help you with your transformation.

From idea to execution.

I always strive to work with my clients on a partnership base and manage the whole life cycle from the ideation and validation phase to the execution and maintenance.


I provide time and dedication to you to discuss your idea, product or business model and formalize an action plan for you with a solid innovative edge.

You receive meeting reports with the actions discussed or ideation explored and recommendations that will help you steer your product or idea into the right direction.

Recommendation could include:
1- Paradigm Shift.
2- Target user change.
3- Feature set addition or change.
4- A new user journey or experience.
5- Technology stack recommendations.

The outcome of this service is mainly creating a solid action plan and incite inspiration.

Research & Validation

So you have your business objectives and ideas to transform it, but you need to know if it’s viable, benchmark the current market and research on who to partner with and what technologies will help your acceleration and innovation.
You get from me recommendations and a complete research report with benchmarking and market insights that would help you either solidify your product and position or change the course to correct the outcome. These insights would include the challenges, the positioning, the competitive edges, how to sustain it and other vital compartments of a lean business model.

The outcome of this service is mainly the business understanding, research documentation over your business including competitive analysis and model validation report… It will help you with your overall vision.

Lean Business Model

This service mainly focus on you total business model, from the idea and concept to the financials and how to maintain it.

I will work with you to define goals, set objectives and document the full business process.

The outcome of this service will be your business model, your pitch deck and a process design.

Technical Due Diligence

With over 15 years of experience and a large network of technical partners, I provide you with the full cycle of technical due diligence.

You get a full consultation service and access to my large network of certified assisters and technical service providers.

The outcome of this service would be a full report on you technical partner capabilities and limits accompanied by recommendations for areas of improvements or a list of suggested partners to work with.

What you need, when you need it.

My services are offered as consultation with hourly rates fees paid as retainers or Pay-As-You-Go so you can initiate and disengage at your convenience and based on your business requirements.

  • You get onboard my Google or Microsoft ecosystem of tools.
  • After meeting reports with conclusions and online meeting recording.
  • You get a 30 min unscheduled calls with me weekly to follow up on your work
  • I adopt agile project management, so you will get a weekly sprint plan.
  • You can stop and cancel your service at any stage with a one week notice.

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